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What is car leasing and how to lease a car?

14th September 2016 / 7 Comments / 472 / Blog, News 2016

Thinking about the options can cause so much confusion that the driver has nightmares with these thoughts rambling through the mind. Is it better lease or buy a new car? Which is better to buy or lease a car? Which is better leasing or buying a car?
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Understanding a Car Lease and Why You Should Lease

12th September 2016 / 11 Comments / 579 / Blog, News 2016
Why should I lease a car

Procuring the best deal on a leased car is a goal that many prospective buyers set for themselves. As you are navigating the options for vehicles, you come across an offer that promises the best lease. Before you dive into a leasing program, you should understand what the best lease deals entail and why they can help you.

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Myth about leasing

12th September 2016 / 22 Comments / 677 / Blog, News 2016
myth about leasing

Sometimes the society demonstrates an adverse reaction towards car leasing. The precise reason for it is unknown: maybe, the specific terminology of these deals seems strange and uncomfortable for customers, or maybe some conditions of leasing deals are too strict and inadmissible. Read more

5 dumb car leasing mistakes to avoid

12th September 2016 / 5 Comments / 573 / Blog, News 2016

The most frequent lease mistakes

So, first of all, let’s understand why people lease a car. This service is more profitable than buying a car for a list price because it will be new and cheap. But, according to Philip Reed, the specialist from, we must be very careful while signing a contract, because the fine print needs to be read with attention. Philip Reed is sure then while making silly mistakes; people leave a lot of money. Read more


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